If you’re looking for an excellent way to make money online from home, that doesn’t require any major out of pocket expense, affiliate marketing may be your ticket.

Listed below are four reasons why affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online from home:

1) Low to No Cost Startup

Getting started with affiliate marketing does not require you to drop a ton of money into getting your business off the ground. The necessary tools to acquire are, an autoresponder and a web hosting account. Autoresponder fees can be as low as $17.99 per month and up with web hosting ranging from $5.95 – $24.95 and up depending on your business needs.

2) No Need To Create A Product

Creating a product that will satisfy your market and be profitable can be a heavy job especially if you’ve never done it before. With affiliate marketing you can easily leverage someone else’s creativity and effort by promoting their product for a commission.

3) No Website Needed

If you don’t have the technical skills needed to build a website, many affiliate programs will supply one for you, that will allow you to showcase their product.

There are of course pros and cons to using cookie cutter sites. The pros being the ease of use and professional design that will give you an established presence online. The cons are the lack of uniqueness that is needed to present your business to the market place for maximum effectiveness.

However for the purposes of jumping in and getting your feet wet with affiliate marketing these sites will allow you to focus on the most important aspect of your business and that is getting customers. Which leads us to…

4) Getting Customers (Traffic)

Attracting customers in the offline world can be an extremely expensive deal. Advertisers offline spend truck loads of cash to get their products in front of customers and build their brand. Marketing online is vastly different in that customer acquisition costs can be relatively inexpensive and in most cases free.

Free traffic generation is free in terms of not having to spend money, but it does involve spending time.

Source by Fernando Morales