The very first decision that you will make when you are starting a career online is choosing the kind of system, method or strategy that you are going to use to earn money. The very future of your online business will depend on this decision so it is crucial that you take extra precaution.

I have listed below the popular approaches or schemes that are used to earn money online but should be avoided by first timers like you.

Survey filling

I consider this scheme as one of the leading internet scams. Survey companies lure people to answer their questionnaire promising that they will earn ample amount of money from doing it.

The earnings that you can get on this scheme is too little, you have to answer thousands of questionnaires if you want to earn one or two hundred dollars in return to your effort. The one that is truly earning from this scheme are the sellers of this program and not the one answering the surveys.

CPA Networking

This is an internet strategy where you can earn money by providing a lead to the advertisers. This strategy could be very profitable but should be avoided by first timers because it is very much difficult. Usually you need to generate a large number of traffic before you can earn a decent amount of money. And the companies that pay well are very strict with requirements; they rarely work with Internet Marketing Beginners.


Managed by Google but the approach is similar to CPA networking. This can be an effective money-making strategy if you can constantly get large number of people to visit your website. Every click on your website can earn you money so you can earn thousands of dollars if you can get thousands of clicks a day.


Selling actually physical products online, a very profitable approach and yet too complicated for beginners. Transacting with manufacturers, conducting product inventory, shipping of products, customer support are just few of the complex marketing activities that you need to deal with when engaging to e-commerce. But you should consider this option because of its profitability but that is only when you have successfully established a career online.

PPC traffic generating methods

Also known as Pay-per-click wherein the method is generating traffic for your website. You will get to pay money for every visitor that you receive on your website on a fixed price. This scheme is profitable but dangerous at the same time because of the risk of losing all your money on the internet.

If the ones stated above are the schemes that should be avoided by first time internet marketers like you, then what kind of internet system might fit you? The answer is Affiliate Marketing. This system is beginner friendly as it is easy, no risk involved, and very profitable.

Source by Alfred Sant